The primary business of the Mulvey Gulch Ranch is raising cattle and specifically, calves. All cattle are Black Angus. We currently have in excess of 1000 premium quality mother cows which give birth to calves around April 1 each year. The ranch also has in excess of 50 Montana raised registered bulls chosen for specific genetics which are purchased from Sitz Ranch, KG Ranch and other reputation Montana seed stock producers. Calves are weaned around October 1 each year and go to market over the next several months. Our calves are in high demand and have been sold into Minnesota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas and Montana.
Our farming operations favor alfalfa and grass crops for grazing. We operate in excess of 1000 acres of overhead irrigated pivots and extensive areas of flood irrigated river bottom. We typically put up 2000-3000 tons of baled alfalfa and grass crops annually for winter feed.